• Ombrasole Awnings | Windscreens
  • Ombrasole Awnings | Windscreens
  • Ombrasole Awnings | Windscreens

Superior awning solutions made in Quebec (Canada)


Outdoor design is a key aspect to an institution’s image and for attracting customers.


Ombrasole windscreens make it possible to have comfortable terraces all year long and provide an ambiance that reflects the image of the establishment. It is an exclusive innovation in outdoor space management, guaranteed to accommodate clients and increase business revenue. Ombrasole's windscreens are modular panels that easily adapt to all dimensions and configurations for any type of terrace or patio. A wide variety of materials, colors, and anchoring methods (permanent, seasonal or mobile installation) are available for multiple applications.

Windscreen structures at Ombrasole are manufactured exclusively with aluminum that does not require any welding. The panels consist of solid cast aluminum frames and tempered glass which is made to endure any weather conditions.

Enhances the image and increases the visibility of the restaurant

Increases seating capacity

Increases the economic life of a terrace

Provides greater privacy and increased safety and security by virtually eliminating wind & dust and reducing noise

Modular panels fit easily together and can be added to meet growing needs

Can be assembled or taken down easily

Does not rust – easily cleaned (can be power washed)

Guaranteed for 5 years

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