The best retractable awnings for condo units

The best retractable awnings for condo units

Outdoor renovations can be a daunting process, especially if you’re thinking about adding a shade structure or roofing option to a condo unit. While there are many options available on the market, retractable awnings are actually a great choice for condos, because they can adapt to the existing architecture and create a seamless continuity between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

But before making any addition, alteration or improvement, make sure you are aware of your building’s condo rules and get prior board approval. Co-ownership properties sometimes want to make sure that the awning you install does not detract from the appearance of the building, or encroaches unto your neighbor's property. In addition, there could be maintenance or awning replacement expenses that may have to be incurred by all owners, depending on where the awning is installed. Some condo units, however, will allow you to install an awning at your own expense.

Once you get approval, the type of awning you choose for your condo will depend on two factors: the size of your patio, and whether your condo is situated on the main floor, mid-section, or the penthouse. To make the selection process easier, we’ve broken it down for you:

1- Best retractable awning for a penthouse patio: The Attico model

The best retractable awnings for condo units

If you own a penthouse or rooftop unit, adding a retractable awning can turn your patio into the perfect outdoor space. An elevated patio gives you a beautiful panoramic view overlooking the city, forest hills or rivers/lakes, depending on your location. But being on a rooftop also directly exposes your terrace to the outside elements such as the glaring sun, wind and rain.

The key to a penthouse patio is choosing an awning that won’t impede on the view but still provide all the weather protection you need. This is why we recommend opting for the Attico Fixed Retractable Awning. Designed with a sturdy aluminum structure and stainless steel material, it features a wind blocker as well as a revolutionary gutter system to keep your patio protected and dry all year long. Moreover, its slanted construction can be deployed all the way down to the ground (or retracted if you want to enjoy a little sunshine!), and provides more coverage than other retractable awning options, giving you a great shaded area to spend some time outside.

2- Best retractable awning for a ground floor patio: The Perla Wall Pergola

The best retractable awnings for condo units

Because floor patios are usually smaller in size, you’ll want to install a shading solution that won’t impede on your square footage. The manner in which the awnings are attached and mounted patio is key, which is why Retractable Wall Pergolas are an indisputable option; When not in use, they can be neatly retracted (with a motorized or manual crank) into a head box for a neater finish against your condo, maximizing your overall space.

This simple, yet elegant retractable awning, equipped with a 100% waterproof canvas, will shelter your patio in style and protect your outdoor living area from the rain or the blazing sun. Easily mountable, the retractable Pergola will provide the desired amount of shading using a remote control and cool you down on those hot summer days, by blocking the UV rays.

When choosing the awning fabric for a ground floor patio, we suggest opting for a light fabric that reduces the glare and blocks direct sunlight without darkening the deck or making it look even smaller. At Ombrasole, we offer a wide range of fabrics that will meld seamlessly with the architecture of your condo.

3- Best retractable awning for a mid-section patio: The Capriccio model

The best retractable awnings for condo units

Another great popular option for patios is the Capriccio terrace awning. Crafted with high quality aluminum, this motorized and sleek retractable awning roof is equipped with a 100% waterproof canvas to withstand unfavorable weather conditions, while protecting your patio from UV rays.

The Capriccio Retractable Awning is capable of mounting to any condo structure, making it a great option for terraces in building. This model will give you the convenience of controlling the right amount of shade using a remote control. You can retract and extend your awning depending on how much sun or shade you desire.

4 things to keep in mind before installing a condo awning

1- Retractable awnings can be mounted or be supported on the wall of your condo or on the roof itself. Keep in mind you need at least six inches of unobstructed space to to mount the awning.

2- Make sure the awning does not obstruct the neighboring view or extend beyond your property.

3- Ensure the awning does not detract from the appearance of the condo building. Opt for a design that will blend with the overall style of the building.

4- Always opt for acrylic fabrics: they are breathable and do not trap heat.


Ombrasole awnings come in a variety of shapes and sizes – they can be large enough to cover a big penthouse space or compact enough to shade a small patio, making them perfect for condominiums, rooftops and even penthouses. They will help maximize your outdoor living space, protect from harsh weather conditions, giving you multi-season use of your patio.

No matter which outdoor awning you opt for, you can rest assured that the three awning options aforementioned require low maintenance, are customizable and come equipped with a five year warranty so you can enjoy them for many years, hassle-free.

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