Patio Heater


Low initial cost and minimal maintenance

Consumes little energy

Used inside and outside

No tanks to fill

UL approved

Easy regulation of the output energy

One year warranty

A wide range of accessories available

As Canadians, we are constantly looking for ways to prolong the summer season. Warned restaurateurs have discovered they can now extend the season and increase their profits by using radiators on outside terraces from the early spring to late fall. The family also has the opportunity to extend the lunches and dinners out, despite the cold weather.

Infratube radiators from the heat are ideal for patios, the edges of pools, barbecues, the gazebos, spas, garages and anywhere you need heat. Simply turn the switch and you reach the desired temperature in 90 seconds! Electric infrared heat is remarkably efficient and inexpensive.

Infratube heaters have a heating element quartz invented specifically for Infratubes and which produces infrared energy safely. The radiated energy is only absorbed by solid objects and is not wasted heating the atmosphere. In addition, Infratube heaters do not emit harmful ultraviolet rays. Because there is no open flame, no carbon monoxide emission, the required height of the structure is minimal. The Infratubes can be installed to small heights, in tents of cloth or wood, in gutters and locations on the inside.

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