Ombrasole Awnings Featured in IFAI magazine

Ombrasole Awnings Featured in IFAI magazine

Ombrasole recently had the privilege of being featured in the IFAI (Industrial Fabrics Association International) award-winning magazine, a non-profit trade organization comprised of over 2000 members in the international specialty fabrics marketplace. Awarded the 2011 and 2012 International Achievement Award (IAA) by the IFAI, and receiving the Canada Honors' Program in 2014 and 2015, Ombrasole has been recognized for excellence and innovation in the design and manufacture of custom awnings over the last years.

The recent publication in IFAI highlights Ombrasole’s unparalleled customer service and unique ability to design durable, cutting-edge awnings that cater to changing consumer preferences and marketplaces.

Ombrasole Awnings Featured in IFAI magazine


Ombrasole offers unique awnings with a competitive advantage

There are many factors that enable awning manufacturers to remain profitable and generate new business opportunities. Below are four reasons why Ombrasole is considered an indisputable and trusted choice for all your outdoor shading solutions.

1- Surpasses customer expectations

Striving for continuous innovation and adapting to the changing needs of the industry is at the root of Ombrasole’s core values and standards. We constantly upgrade our products to cater to our customers and exceed expectations. Our unique ability to tailor our designs and work around our clients’ specific needs — despite technical and architectural constraints — is what truly sets us apart from our competitors.

Our greatest accomplishment will always be customer satisfaction. Our products are known for their quality, sleek modern look and ease of maintenance. In addition to providing a customized and integrated solution for your home or business, our unparalleled customer service and team of qualified professionals will deliver and install the final product for a hassle-free experience.

2- Creates innovative designs

Whether you own a home, restaurant or store, Ombrasole offers a wide range of sleek and modern outdoor products such as retractable and stationary awnings, pergolas, garden furniture and more. We use premium quality and resilient materials such as aluminum and stainless steel for durability and added value.

We’re always in innovation mode. Our awnings come equipped with unique features to enhance their functionality, such as motorized controls (to retract or expand the rooftop), optional side screens and roller shades (for added privacy or protection from inclement weather), revolutionary gutter systems (to prevent water accumulation), as well as touch-free options for ease of use.

For instance, the Attico fixed retractable awning does not require seasonal storage. Its canvas can be deployed all the way down to the ground, thus providing more coverage than other awning options, or can retract into a protective case — so no handling is required during the winter season.

Moreover, the Capriccio retractable awning provides the flexibility of covering your outdoor space thanks to its motorized rooftop that can be retracted with the click of a button, and optional side screens that can be added to enclose your outdoor area.

Ombrasole Awnings Featured in IFAI magazine

Motorized Retractable Awning - Capriccio Model

3- Offers quality and durability

Ombrasole creates versatile outdoor awnings that are easy to use and care for year-round. In addition, our durable fabrics and framing structures are exclusively designed to withstand harsh Canadian weather climates.

Our aluminum structures are a reliable option compared to other imported products found in hardware stores. In addition, our acrylic and vinyl canvases are 100% waterproof, ensuring full weather protection from rain and snow.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free, weatherproof options that will withstand unfavorable weather conditions year-round, then a retractable awning is an indisputable option. Adjustable with a motorized control, you can simply retract it whenever it’s not in use or when bad weather sets in. The best part? You don’t have to worry about seasonal maintenance or storage: the roof can automatically retract under a rigid aluminum cover hood.

Ombrasole Awnings Featured in IFAI magazine

4- Provides certified experience

Ombrasole is backed with 35 years experience in the manufacturing of outdoor awnings and products. We’ve received a number of IFAI achievement awards, recognizing the latest advancements in design and manufacturing in the Canadian specialty fabrics industry. The originality of our products has also been certified by various awards of excellence in the field of design, craftsmanship and innovation of outdoor structures.

In addition, we’ve proudly serviced a number of renowned businesses and restaurants such as Baton Rouge Steakhouse & Bar, La Belle & La Boeuf, Madisons New York Grill & Bar, La Cage Aux Sports, Quality Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn & Suites, 3 Brasseurs, and much more.

Last but not least, we’ve established long-lasting partnerships with trusted third party suppliers specializing in outdoor fabrics such as Sunbrella, Serge Ferrari, Soltis, Tempotest, Metra, Extrudex Aluminum and Somfy.

Ombrasole Awnings Featured in IFAI magazine


Choosing the ideal outdoor shading solution for your home or business is not an easy undertaking. That’s why choosing the right awning company is an important decision to make to protect your investment in the long run. With the right awnings supplier, you can expect professional advice and personalized service, quality products and workmanship, as well as a smooth, positive experience to help you choose the best solution suited for your needs.

Ombrasole Awnings Featured in IFAI magazine

The Ombrasole Awnings Team

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