Meloche Group

Meloche Group chose Ombrasole Products for its Outdoor Spaces Design.

Meloche’s expertise encompasses precision machining, surface treatment, painting and assembly and manufacturing engineering for the aerospace industry and the defense industry, chose Ombrasole Products for its outdoor spaces design.

Meloche Services

Structural aluminum and titanium airplane components

Aluminium, titanium, Inconel and stainless steel aero engine components

Manufacturing and engineering of components and subassemblies

Complex 5-axis machining

Manufacturing Engineering

Meloche Group offers engineering services designed to support the clients design and optimize their mechanical systems and components. Their engineers and methods officersare able to determine which fabrication processes are better suited, more efficient and cost effective for all requirements.

Complex Machining

With more than 25 CNC turning and machining centres, Meloche Group is one of the major machine shops in Eastern Canada. They specialize in complex 5-axis machining and use state-of-the art automation technologies to shorten implementation lead times. Their renown is based on flexibility and strict adherence to deadlines.

Casting to Solid Expertise

By using new multi-axis machining technologies, Meloche has developed an expertise in converting molded parts into carved parts in the mass (casting to solid).Through the use of this technology, Meloche enables its clients to reduce costs and significant delays while improving the mechanical properties of the parts.


Because the majority of parts Meloche manufactures need to be painted, Meloche acquired NADCAP approved painting facilities in 2000.

Assembly, Kitting

Striving to constantly add value to their parts and provide their customers with fewer supplier stops, Meloche offers assembly of parts services to their clients. Through intelligent supply chain management, Meloche is able to provide support for the logistical assistance required for sub-assemblies.