How to choose the best retractable awning for our patio?

How to choose the best retractable awning for our patio?

1) Which types of residential shade options Ombrasole offers ?

OMBRASOLE designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of EXCLUSIVE products such as Retractable Awnings, Fixed Retractable Awnings, Pergola, Gazebo, stationary awnings, Parasol, Garden Furniture, Windscreens, window awnings,…………. intended for the intelligent management of outdoor areas.

Ombrasole is the only company in North America that manufactures shade products  made of extruded aluminum and stainless steel with 10 year warranty. Ombrasole’s customers will benefit from the highest quality products at very competitive prices.

The retractable Pergola and the Fixed retractable awning «ATTICO» made in house have won several innovation awards and excellence recognized by the awning industry in the U.S and Canada.

2) Why is it important to have some shade in a backyard?

Extending your living space onto the back deck is a great way to enjoy our all-too-short summer season. If  you have a backyard you must use it to its fullest potential. In order to do this, you need to transform your backyard into an inviting environment that stimulates outdoor living. Here are a few additions that are sure to transform your backyard this summer:

Retractable awnings , Fixed retractable awnings and  retractable Pergolas are the best choice for this purpose, since you can open the canvas and close it when needed. Retractable awnings can provide your backyard with a shady spot from the sun or in some cases to reduce the amount of heat and glare from south facing windows. Also, retractable awnings can protect your family from the sun’s harmful U.V rays. Awnings can provide privacy by adding side curtains or transparent front so you don’t lose the views of your pool and garden. You may add Mosquito net to protect your children from  bugs bites especially if they are allergic to animal bites. Fixed retractable awnings such as «ATTICO» model can add additional square footage to your usable living space without the need for costly renovations or building projects.

However, outdoor Furniture is crucial to the improvement of your backyard space, and choosing the right type of furniture is crucial. Ombrasole’s offers durable outdoor furniture made of aluminum and can withstand harsh climate. you can simply keep your garden furniture out during the winter; this means less storage space taken in your shed or garage.

3)  Whether you are looking for a way to transform the look of your home, improve your home’s energy efficiency or provide much needed shade in your outdoor space awnings can prove to be the perfect accent that not only practical  but attractive.

It was not always about perfectly matched looks as many homeowners went for more drama and cheer using bold stripes for contrast to create a focal point. Popular colors on the bright side included cheerful green and gray stripes and a slightly muted brick red sandy stripes à la beach look. More somber tones lent a touch of elegance with classic  blacks, grays and taupe. Recyclable fabrics also offered a durable option that protects against sun fade as well as high winds and rain.

Ombrasole’s garden furniture ‘OASIS’ is a sun shelter and patio set  capable of protecting you from harmful UV rays while sitting and relaxing outside with family and friends. You can match the color of your cushions with your awning’s canvas or your outdoor decor. You can chose from 300 colors of acrylic fabric with 10 year warranty regarding elements and discoloration.

No handling for the winter is required for Ombrasole’s Products.

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