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  • Ombrasole Awnings | Fixed Retractable Awning : Attico
  • Ombrasole Awnings | Fixed Retractable Awning : Attico
  • Ombrasole Awnings | Fixed Retractable Awning : Attico
  • Ombrasole Awnings | Fixed Retractable Awning : Attico

Superior awning solutions made in Quebec (Canada)

Attico : Fixed Retractable Awning

Affordable elegance, lasting value

The fixed motorized retractable awning Attico has been awarded, for its 2nd consecutive year, the first prize for excellence, innovation & quality at the U.S. annual IFAI international exhibit.

During late afternoon time, you can lower the canvas of your Attico up to 3’ forward to prevent as much sunlight from entering your house or your commercial terrace.


The Attico is a Motorized Retractable awning Designed & Manufactured 100% in Quebec by Ombrasole.

The structure is made of painted aluminum with 15 year warranty; The material has 15 year warranty for discoloration.

 The Attico is a 3 or 4 season awning depending on the slope; the vinyl material is 100% waterproof and  flame retardant and comes with more than 25 colors

 The structure is made from Extruded aluminum painted in Black and stainless steel accessories; the aluminum is manufactured in Quebec to withstand North American climate

The central aluminum beam is closed with a revolutionary gutter system that prevents water from pooling in the center if 2 sections or more

 The canvas goes all the way and stops at 3' (foot) after the curve to give more shade and protection

Each section is 14' (feet) wide max and operates independently, motorized by a remote control  (when 2 or more are installed); the descent is by gravity

 Side and front curtains with Mesh material are retractable with rollers and can be added as an option; the mesh material from Serge Ferrari protects from the sun, rain and  wind up to70% but the air can circulate in summer without feeling stuffy; outward visibility is 70% 

 Or a mosquito netting system with a thinner fabric can be added as an option to close the 3 sides but outward visibility is 90%

Side gutters come with the side curtains,

Vinyl canvas from Serge Ferrari is a high quality vinyl 100% waterproof and flame retardant; light or heavy rain you will be protected; it comes with a 15 year limited warranty against discoloration

Width can vary from 10’ feet to any required width (modular)

The projection of the Attico awning vary from 7' to 14' feet .

No need for seasonal maintenance. The retracted canvas automatically stores inside an aluminum cover hood. The Attico awning is the key for an elegant Patio and lets you control the weather on your deck with a push of a button convenience. The Attico awning is an indisputable choice for your patios, spas, and terraces to enjoy all year long!

Attico awning wins the First prize for the Design & Quality in the US in 2011/ 2012

Ombrasole wins the first prize for outstanding achievement award at the International competition of the IFAI 2011 & 2012 in the US...

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