Belle Rive Terrace

The Attico awning covered an area of 2656 square feet of terrace (83ft Wide by 32ft in Projection) and this to use as a large outdoor reception hall for weddings and special events; thus eliminating the annual need to rent and erect rented tents, which also prove to be too hot in summer due to the greenhouse effect. The greatest challenge was to design both a strong and large retractable awning system WITHOUT any central support beams. The awning was built in modular sections each operating autonomously by remote control for opening and closure.

The ATTICO is a stationary /retractable / motorized awning system which combines the strength of the fixed awning with the flexibility & comfort of the retractable awning.

Being modular in design, the ATTICO structure can expand from 10 ft to any desired Width in modular sections. Its maximum projection is 32 ft with only frontal posts, no side support posts.

A central double profiled aluminum beam with integrated gutter system, joins the sections together thus preventing water penetration.

Lateral gutter systems are integrated to evacuate water on both sides.

Profiled aluminum is 6” x 2 ½”.

The wall anchoring support is of stainless steel and the rest of the structure is of a light gray painted extruded aluminum.

At the wall is integrated a protective aluminum hood to prevent water penetration.

The upper and lower cross tubular beams both support the cloth and prevent waffling in high winds.

The remote control allows the fabric to be lowered all the way till the ground. The cloth may be stopped / positioned at any desired level (lowering of cloth is by gravity aided by a sturdy nylon cord).

Frontal closure is conveniently made with a crank-operated transparent curtain system (commercial awnings).

Moreover, like the curtain systems, both lateral triangular sides are retractable offering the customer the possibility of opening and closing these sections independently from one another.

Each modular section is independently motorized for opening and closure.

This structure is used in both commercial and residential projects.

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