Awning Design Trends from Summer 2014

Tags: auvent | auvent rétractable September 23, 2014
Awning Design Trends from Summer 2014

Summer 2014 proved to be the year of the awning with homeowners embracing their outdoor spaces and learning how to get the most out of their backyards. Awning design trends encompassed a number of key elements of style as well as a nod towards eco-friendly choices using recyclable materials. Here is a look at backyard awning design trends for 2014:

Colour Coordinated

The savy homeowner took their cues from their homes and gardens to coordinate their fixed retractable awnings, patio covers and window awnings for a smooth transition from indoors to out. It was not always about perfectly matched looks as many homeowners went for more drama and cheer using bold stripes for contrast to create a focal point. Popular colors on the bright side included cheerful yellow and white stripes and a slightly muted brick red with sandy stripes à la beach look. More somber tones lent a touch of elegance with classic blacks, grays and taupe.

Eco-chic Fabric

The garden was no place for environmentally unfriendly products and 2014 made a clear statement that eco-chic was the only choice when it comes to outdoor decor fabrics. Recyclable fabrics provided stunning design detail to home awnings and deck awnings for bold beauty that is green and guilt-free. Recyclable fabrics also offered a durable option that protects against sun fade as well as high winds, rain and even hail. Fixed retractable awnings for the home acted as the jumping off point to inspire luxurious living with plenty of comfy outdoor pillows stacked high on outdoor recyclable garden furniture such as chaise lounges and sectional sofas ideal for lazing and entertaining.

Fixated on the Fixed Retractable Awning

Although fabric gazebos were still very much in for 2014 there was a definite leaning towards the fixed retractable awning, which made an appearance on many decks and patios this summer. The fixed retractable awning offers the choice of sun or shade ideal for use poolside or above outdoor lounging garden furniture.

Prompted Privacy

Patio covers offering a choice to prompt privacy when needed worked a charm for families with exposure to nearby neighbours. Patio covers that span from roof to the floor of the patio or deck allow homeowners to provide themselves with much needed privacy but also to protect against wind or sun that might choose to sneak up unexpectedly.

Summer 2014 awning design trends will gain momentum with the arrival of spring 2015.

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