5 Ways to Modernize Your Patio This Summer

5 Ways to Modernize Your Patio This Summer

Don’t let your backyard take a back seat this summer! Far from being a plain outdoor space, a terrace or patio can be the ultimate spot to relax and unwind during the warmer months. It seamlessly bridges the gap between your indoor and outdoor space and provides an inviting, contemporary area to host friends and family get-togethers. While there are many backyard decor styles to choose from, going for an urban contemporary design will give your patio a timeless and classic flair.

Turn your patio into an urban chic escape with these simple decorating and landscaping ideas. From furniture to lighting and accent touches, find out how you can create a terrace customized to fit your modern lifestyle and show off the best your home has to offer. Fresh air and sleek style ahead.

1- Add Modern Furniture and Accessories

5 Ways to Modernize Your Patio This Summer

Adding quality outdoor furnishing pieces such as a comfortable sofa, lounging chairs and a centerpiece table will instantly jazz up your outdoor living space. For a seamless and balanced landscape, choose durable outdoor furniture and accessories that blend harmoniously with your interior decor. To give any patio a sleek design and contemporary look, opt for furniture fabrics and materials with a neutral or earth-toned color palette, and durable metallic framing materials that will not rust, fade or mold such as aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic or vinyl.

If you want to add a little depth and diversity, try accessorizing your furniture with pillows and throws, greenery, hanging drapes and other outdoor decor gadgets to enhance the look of your outdoor oasis.

2- Set up an Outdoor Entertainment System

Tech up your deck! What better way to spend an evening with friends and family than watching a movie under the stars? Outdoor projectors, wireless sound systems and weatherproof big-screen TVs can bring the cinema right in your backyard and give a whole new meaning to movie night. Thanks to new technology, you can now stream movies or music from your device anywhere into your backyard.

When selecting an outdoor TV, ensure it’s weatherproof, impact-resistant, and operable in cooler and warmer temperatures. Look for screens designed for exposure to sunlight, for a glare-free viewing experience. Time to bring on the popcorn!

3- Share it with a Motorized Awning

5 Ways to Modernize Your Patio This Summer

Shade and frame your backyard with a motorized outdoor awning or pergola to turn your patio into an ultra-cozy secluded oasis. Many come equipped with motorized systems to enhance your outdoor living experience. Gone are the days where you have to manually extend or retract your awning rooftop. With the simple click of a button, your retractable awning can extend at your convenience, allowing you to adjust the amount of shade or sunlight with the use of motorized controls - giving you complete coverage from the sun, wind or rain.

The motorized crank allows for unparalleled coverage, ease of deployment and unrelenting protection from inclement weather. With high UV-rated and water repellent fabrics to choose from, your motorized outdoor awning can be customized to fit any outdoor structure.

4- Create a Focal Point with a Fireplace

Whether you want to roast marshmallows over an open fire or snuggle up and sip on some wine, a fireplace or fire pit will make a great addition to your yard. In addition to being a great visual centerpiece, a fire pit will instantly create an inviting seating atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for intimate gatherings on crisp summer evenings.

Whether made with concrete, brick or stone, or placed on a tabletop or the ground, there are many ways to incorporate (and DIY!) a fireplace without breaking your budget. However, if you’re not into doing-it-yourself, you can also purchase smaller, pre-assembled gas fire pits at your local hardware or your favorite home decor store.

5- Set the Mood with Ambient Lighting

5 Ways to Modernize Your Patio This Summer

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

When it comes to round-the-clock entertaining, outdoor lighting fixtures provide the right mood on those beautiful summer evenings. If your backyard is equipped with a fixed retractable awning or wall pergolas, built-in spotlights provide the perfect backdrop to build a charming lighting setup. While real candle lights can certainly do the trick, built-in spotlights provide a sleek and clean design to illuminate and enhance the structure of your awning with a soft glow. Usually pointing upwards on the ground, they can also be mounted on walls, beams, or framing structures to illuminate focal points on your terrace, such as your table centerpiece or garden landscape.

Using LED lights is currently the most sustainable, durable and environmentally-friendly option. These types of bulbs are available in a wide range of colors, styles and beam spreads.


You can easily turn your backyard into a modern escape by incorporating one or a combination of the aforementioned ideas. Whether it’s by installing an entertainment area or shading it with a beautiful outdoor awning, turn your patio into a beautiful retreat and make this summer one of the most memorable ones for you and your family!

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