5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Must Have a Terrace Shade

5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Must Have a Terrace Shade

Are you a restaurant, bistro or café owner? With a highly competitive environment like the food service industry, it’s no surprise that gaining a competitive advantage is key to running a profitable business. Because of increased competition, high operating costs, and a rise in consumer expectations, restaurants and eateries are left with no choice but to exceed their customers’ dining experience to retain and attract more clients; And a great way to achieve this goal is with outdoor shades.

Whether it’s terrace awnings, windscreens or shelters, outdoor shade structures can provide numerous advantages for restaurateurs without stretching their budget.

Having a deck or patio could increase your business revenue by up to 30%. In fact, a study conducted by the Simons Advisory Group in USA suggested that a $200,000 investment could lead to $500,000 in seasonal profits — yielding more for restaurants offering year-round outdoor seating 1.

Here’s what it could look like in terms of revenues if you were to add a shaded terrace to your restaurant:

5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Must Have a Terrace Shade

5 reasons why you should invest in an outdoor space:

1. Increase dining capacity (and profits!)

To make the most out of your space, outdoor shade structures can increase your seating capacity (and your sales!) by providing a functional outdoor seating area to welcome more guests, especially during busy months or for year-round restaurants located in warmer climates.

Increasing your seating capacity can lead to more profits and generate greater revenue, because you can serve more customers, attend to them quicker and cut down on waiting times simultaneously: your guests won’t have to wait as long for a table during peak hours. Restaurants with long wait times can deter customers and lead them to go somewhere else, so having an extra seating space available is vital.

2. Enhance curb appeal and attract new customers

Commercial awnings and shades are a great way to make your terrace enticing and inviting for potential clients. As a restaurateur, a good portion of your revenue stems from passersby, especially when warm weather sets in. And without an attractive outdoor setting to reel customers in, your restaurant can easily go unnoticed.

Having a personalized commercial awning can dramatically increase your brand’s visibility: in addition to giving your business a modern and polished look, your customers can now easily spot and pick your restaurant over neighboring venues. Plus, it comes in a range of designs and fabrics, so you can make your restaurant stand out and blend seamlessly with your indoor decor. Having a retractable awning with a colorful fabric and a prominent design and logo to enjoy a sunny day or night sky will certainly get noticed by patrons from afar.

Customers attract more customers. A charming and inviting alfresco area will draw in diners by the drove — enticing people who are attracted by the sight of other happy customers. What better way to flaunt your restaurant’s ambiance and popularity than with a busy and dynamic outdoor patio?

5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Must Have a Terrace Shade

3. Upgrade your customers’ dining experience

Your customers’ experience begins the moment they walk through the door, and throughout their entire stay at a table. Shading structures, such as a covered dining area, can provide a more inviting and comfortable space, as well as different settings for customers to dine, socialize and drink.

They create a shielded outdoor space to cater to the growing demand of customers who enjoy spending time outdoors. A protected entryway or space can also keep waiting customers happy and out of the harsh weather, making the entry into your business much more comfortable and inviting.

A welcoming, eye-catching atmosphere will not only attract more customers, but it can also make them stay longer, order more food and drinks, and increase their overall spend.

4. Ultimate weather protection

Customer satisfaction is the core of your business. Without a terrace awning or other shading solution, rainy days can deter your customers and affect your restaurant’s profits.

Outdoor shades make it possible for your customers to sit outside during less optimal weather conditions; As the weather warms up, if your outdoor space does not provide adequate shading from direct sunlight, excessive heat and UV rays, your customers’ dining experience can be compromised, driving them away in search of a cooler, shaded outdoor space.

Moreover, shaded outdoor patios also provide an effective barrier against weather inclements and outdoor elements such as dust, wind or rain, allowing you to maximize your seating options, extend the lifespan of our outdoor dining area (thus increasing your revenues), and enhance your customers’ dining experience, no matter what the weather brings. A well-covered and cozy dining area encourages your customers to return to your establishment time and again.

Retractable patio awnings give you the versatility of covering your outdoor surface or not, and keeping your patio up and running rain or shine, keeping the wetness away on rainy days and customers cool on harsh summer days.

Alternatively, your covered area can be turned into a storage space when the terrace is no longer functional (during the winter for example). Items such as furniture can be kept secure out of the wind and rain, ready to be brought out again when the sun starts shining.

5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Must Have a Terrace Shade

5. Saving on utility costs

Commercial awnings can also help improve a restaurant’s utility and energy costs. By protecting your establishment from getting hit by direct sunlight, they can prevent your indoor space from overheating, making it easier to maintain a cooler indoor space and lower your air conditioning costs. During the winter, they can prevent the blistering cold and snow from directly penetrating the restaurant, reducing the need for overheating.


There are lots of benefits to reap from for outdoor shades. They are a great long-term investment and come in a variety of styles to provide shelter with a touch of visual class in any outdoor setting. Shade structures provide a unique and functional option that enhances the space, entice customers to come, enhance customer satisfaction, even during unfavorable weather conditions.

1 https://www.vsag.com/restaurant-best-practices-add-a-patio-increase-revenue

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