Ombrasole Awnings

Awnings Ombrasole is not only the largest manufacturer of retractable awnings, stationary awnings, Gazebos, Parasols, shelters, windscreens and exclusively fixed retractable awnings, Pergolas, Outdoor furniture for residential and commercial terraces in Canada, but it's avant-garde Iitalian designs awnings are unique and exceptional. Full satisfaction guaranteed by simplicity of operation of awnings, and the widest range of canvas colors by Sunbrella guaranteed 10 years.


Rapid sales expansion has resulted due to the "partnership" relationship established with our resellers, and a dominant position in the Quebec market, by our marketing plan based on a two-way commitment between our dealers and the company.

Ombrasole Awnings
First prize winner in the US

Ombrasole wins the first prize for outstanding achievement award at the International competition of the IFAI 2011 & 2012 in the US.


2011 Fan Award of Excellence 2012 Fan Award of Excellence