Urban courtyard: Style Your Condo Terrace, Maintenance free.

Tags: Condo Terrace | Terrace Awnings | Awnings Condo April 24, 2017
Urban courtyard: Style Your Condo Terrace, Maintenance free.

You don’t have to necessarily live in the suburbs or have a secondary backyard to furnish with style a terrace garden or a sunny terrace. Ombrasole offers outdoor products weather-proof to Quebec's climate, with a modern design and reduced format.

During summer, the balcony becomes the extension of your interiors. A bit of green, it turns into a city garden. Furnished, it becomes an additional room in the condo. A well-appointed balcony is essential to enjoy the summer season for all city dwellers. Therefore, it is important to choose a structure that protects your little urban paradise from the harmful UV rays and the prying eyes of neighbours.

6 useful tips to boost your condo balcony looks

Creating intimacy: mosquito nets, additional curtains to your Pergola

A welcoming terrace is equipped with everything you need to ensure its owners unforgettable moments, day and night. In addition to protect you from the sun, wind and looks, the curtains hanging from Ombrasole’s Garden Pergola allow you to change your balcony mood at a lower cost. If you would like a solution that leaves transparency, opt for mosquito nets.

Create a small green garden on your condo terrace

Make your balcony a gourmet mini garden! To optimize the space, you can place the garden along the guardrail or even hang posts with the pestles of the Pergolina Ombrasole. To make a vegetable garden on the balcony is to join the useful to the pleasant. Just choose beautiful decorative accessories to enhance the plantations to create a natural and contemporary ambience on the balcony.

Arrange the fabrics and accessories to extend the style of your indoor living room.

It is important to know how to adapt the style of your outdoor balcony to your interior living room, that's why arranging the canvases of the outdoor shelter gives a continuity to the style of your condo. A retractable awning is ideal for giving the perfect color touch. The retractable awning allows you to play with patterns (see Sunbrella + fabric specifications) or for lovers of solid colors: (see Dickson acrylic). Add practical accessories that replicate the pigments of the canvas.

A relaxing corner: Choosing a personalized garden furniture, totally stress free.

From classic or contemporary look the outdoor furniture should be designed for your comfort, As if you were inside your home. A true relaxing corner must guarantee you a 360 ° comfort, Ombrasole Aluminum Garden Furniture: Liberty guarantees high-quality aluminum furniture without maintenance nightmares. The cushions have been specifically designed to withstand Canadian weather and UV rays. No need to run outside in the rain to pack your cushions inside. Besides the cushions, structures and materials of our garden furniture are also designed for increased durability.

Summer evenings: How to give a warm atmosphere to your balcony

Make the balcony a room to receive friends and spend hot summer evenings! Use different light sources to bring a warm touch to the outdoor space: colored lanterns, light garlands, outdoor candles, etc. Once night fell, your balcony will sparkle with a thousand lights. Moreover, to add a relaxing and festive atmosphere, you can embellish the whole of a minibar to facilitate the creation of your best cocktails! The Ombrasole Wall Motorized Pergola lends itself particularly well to this practice. You can add LED lights around the pillars of the retractable roof or colored lanterns on a façade.

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