Give your outdoors a fresh look this spring thanks to Ombrasole Awnings

Give your outdoors a fresh look this spring thanks to Ombrasole Awnings

Winter is almost over; Here some ideas to give a total new look to your backyard patio or terrace:

Spring makes us think about summer dinner al fresco on our patios and terraces, unfortunately, once we look outside all that we can see are dry plants, wasted wood floors and what’s left of ice and snow. Suddenly, we start thinking about the amount of work we have to go through trying to refresh that cozy space where we usually enjoy spending time with friends and family.

Clean the gutters, refresh wooden floors, wash and sterilize the pool, some gardening and finally the erasable of sun shades and canopies and outdoor furniture stored. All this work requires huge effort, physical and mental; for example finding out that your canopy canvas broke or faded because of sun exposure, filthy and scratched furniture. Once you went through all the mess, you’re still not satisfied of the overall conditions of your outdoor products and it already looks neglected at the first usage.

Ombrasole Awnings will help you find a new look that will transform your backyard patio and enhance the beauty of your garden; an outdoor space storage-stress free with amazing styles’ choice.

Here you have 4 Outdoor Solutions to think about 4 different Outdoor styles.

Choose your optimal exterior solution that answers your needs.

1.Create the perfect outdoor relax space: Comfort Sofas Lounge

Create a perfect outdoor lounge corner, ideally for small terraces and city balconies. The Outdoor furniture line by Ombrasole answers your needs. Furniture structure is storage free, perfectly resists Canadian weather, pull-out interchangeable pillows (need a change of color? Ask-us) Vast choice of colors for the aluminum structure. For an elegant and slick design choose the solid shades by Sunbrella.

2. Sun Shade Ideas next to the poolside area: The Retractable Pergola or Pergolina

You have quite a lot of space on the side of your pool and you don’t know how to take advantage of it because all commercial gazebos are too small or too big? A perfect space to share fun moments in the shade and far from insects and mosquitoes. Discover The Retractable pergola: simple lines and a functional design or her little sister for much smaller spaces; the Pergolina. Match the canvas color with your house for an homogenous view.

3. Manage and smarten wide outdoor spaces: take advantage of ATTICO Shade Canopies

You love living al fresco, contemplate the beauty of your garden while reading a book with a good glass of wine. Take full advantage of your backyard with a sun canopy that protects from dangerous U.V. rays and lets you relax in peace. The fixed retractable awning ATTICO model is designed to cover wide outdoor spaces. It’s the ideal choice for those who love to share the dining with the relaxing zone. Furthermore, the ATTICO retractable awning is 100% customizable: cover from insects and mosquitoes with the mosquito net option and keep out the heat with fabric curtains.

4. Useful idea for a backyard balcony: The motorized Wall Pergola protects house and guests from U.V. Rays

Your house offers you a backyard balcony that you never use because it’s always exposed to the sun. The solution to your problems is the Wall Motorized Pergola from Ombrasole. The Pergola substitutes the classic retractable arm canopies; The Pergola gives to your balcony a defined style and saves space for eventual garden furniture. The retractable canvas can be customized with more than 300 fabric styles between acrylic and vinyl. Choose a pattern that enriches the facade of your house for a homogeneous look.

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