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  • Ombrasole Awnings | About Us
  • Ombrasole Awnings | About Us
  • Ombrasole Awnings | About Us

Superior awning solutions made in Quebec (Canada)

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About Ombrasole Awnings

Ombrasole has over 35 years of experience in Italy and Canada in the retractable awnings field; this extended experience added to the advanced technology of manufacturing, Ombrasole customers will benefit from the highest quality products at very competitive prices.

Ombrasole designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of exclusive products such as Retractable Awnings, Stationary Retractable Awnings, Pergola, Gazebo, stationary awnings, Parasol, Windscreens, etc. intended for the intelligent management of outdoor areas both residential and commercial. Integrated solutions incorporate Ombrasole know-how, technical services and innovative products to be flexible and adapted to the harsh climate and different world markets, especially the North-American market. The choice of materials and aesthetic details ensure functionality and durability of Ombrasole products.

Ombrasole transforms outdoor spaces into places of living or do business. An area of life signed Ombrasole acquires style and atmosphere and a better economic value.

Where Innovative Success Gets Recognized :

From the beginning, Ombrasole has been dedicated to developing the most advanced and innovative Retractable Awnings, Retractable Pergolas, Fixed Retractable awnings, Retractable Gazebos, Parasol, etc. for various applications residential and commercial.

All this thanks to a team of professionals in the research and development department, headed by M. Petrongolo, an Italian with an extensive experience in the field of awnings.

Our products are testaments to our commitment to innovation, as well as our determination to reach the highest standards of quality on the market.