• Ombrasole Awnings | Terrace Awning : Capriccio
  • Ombrasole Awnings | Terrace Awning : Capriccio
  • Ombrasole Awnings | Terrace Awning : Capriccio
  • Ombrasole Awnings | Terrace Awning : Capriccio

Superior awning solutions made in Quebec (Canada)

Capriccio : Terrace Awning

Affordable elegance, lasting value

The terrace awning Capriccio with its clear line and modern design is undoubtedly the best option if you want to distinguish yourself from your competitors (or friends). The Capriccio awning can be installed on a residential or commercial terrace !  It’s pure relaxation!


The terrace awning Capriccio is designed and manufactured 100% in Quebec by Ombrasole. The structure is from extruded aluminum painted in black and has a 15-year warranty, the vinyl canvas from Serge Ferrari has a 15-year Limited warranty. Once the canvas is closed, the roof is completely cleared so you can admire the blue sky during the day or the stars at night. You can let the sunlight inside your home whenever you want.

Exclusively at Ombrasole, the Capriccio can be designed for a 4-season use for certain projections.

The black painted aluminum structure with its clean look is ideal for making your outdoor space a sober and refined place. For     restaurants, it creates a comfortable space for customers so it will help you get the most out of your outdoor space

Once retracted, the motorized fabric of the Capriccio folds in an accordion by bringing the aluminum bars to the back. It fits under an aluminum box on the wall; the canvas is protected also by the aluminum lateral guides.

The canvas of the Capriccio is 100% waterproof and flame retardant vinyl from Serge Ferrari; a very high-end and very durable vinyl with various colors. The canvas is manufactured in our factory with a machine at the cutting edge of technology. Ferrari vinyl has a 15-year     limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Each section of 14' max has its own motorized canvas independently of the adjacent canvas. The closing and opening of each     section is done using a remote control and the Somfy motor. Each section has its own motor so it’s not a single canvas for the     entire length. Thus, the client could open one section and close the other for more shade.

With the MyLink phone application, you can open and close your roof or motorized curtains remotely!

The width of a section is 14'max. Beyond this width the Capriccio becomes modular. The projection can be from 10' and up to 24'     

A front gutter integrated into the structure carries the rainwater back into the posts. Between the sections, a revolutionary gutter     system integrated into the structure prevents water from seeping inside.

Telescopic Motorized curtains (vertically) or with rollers can be added as an option for optimal protection.

Rain or shine, the retractable motorized roof with a remote control protects you from harmful UV rays and bad weather.

No maintenance is required before winter. The canvas retracts like an accordion and goes under a protective aluminum cover hood     all winter. The curtains roll up and go into their box! No more storage chores.

Experience the change of seasons by being comfortably installed in your Capriccio space!

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