Outdoor Solutions for Commercial Establishments

February 5, 2015
Outdoor Solutions for Commercial Establishments

As a business owner you have to use all the tools at your disposal to draw attention to your establishment and grow your business. There are a number of options to take advantage of your location to not only advertise, but also to add much needed space for restaurant owners.

Window Awnings

Window awnings can work for any business to enhance your image and highlight your name, website and phone number. They offer an upscale look in a number of colors designed to complement your logo or building. Awnings can reduce glare and excess sunlight from the street making it more comfortable if you have a reception/waiting area such as a medical or dental office.

Commercial Shelter

Adding a commercial shelter to your storefront is an excellent option if you are in the food service business. Whether you have a bakery, charming cafe, restaurant or bar, outdoor space is at a premium when the warm weather arrives. You can provide a sheltered space that is cool from south facing sun exposure as well as dry when it rains. Retractable awnings offer the opportunity to have both a sunny or sheltered/shaded spot. You can increase your seating per service by as much as $25 per seat for a casual dining establishment with this additional space. That means with just 10 tables over a 15 day period you can often cover the cost of a basic commercial shelter.

Patio Heaters

By investing in all weather commercial shelters with infratube radiators you can expand your outdoor space usage well into the spring and fall. Safe electric infrared heat will provide an efficient outdoor heating system that is inexpensive. There is no open flame and no harmful carbon monoxide emissions, which means you can easily install them in shorter height areas as well as in structures that are fabric or wood.


Windscreens are modular outdoor panels you can adapt to any dimension or configuration. They can be customized to enhance the look of your patio or terrace with a choice of permanent, seasonal or mobile installation. They are the ideal finishing touch to provide a sheltered area free from wind and also help to reduce street noise. Guests will appreciate the private feel while still being able to enjoy the views of the street.

Your business can quickly be transformed with the simple addition of custom window awnings, windscreens, heaters and an attractive commercial awning.

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