How to protect yourself from mosquitoes?

How to protect yourself from mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are always a problem when the good weather arrives. Everyone wants to get rid of flies and annoying insects to enjoy sunny days to the fullest.

We give you some advices on the best known methods and the most popular:


Wear long clothing that your skin is not easily accessible by these flies and use colors near white would help keep mosquitoes away! Also, avoiding creams and skin products with a fragrant smell could be an advantage.

2- Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic devices are becoming increasingly popular to repel the annoying insects with the frequency it emits.

3- Citronella

There are a ton of citronella-based products on the market such as candles. We can light up candles on our deck to hold off mosquitoes. This solution is natural and is one of the cheapest.


Surround your deck with lavender plants, or geranium. These plants give off a scent those mosquitoes hate.

5- Lamps Mosquito

Mosquitoes are often attracted to light sources. By approaching the light from the lamp, mosquitoes are fast roasted by the electrical metal surface which surrounds the bulb.


The solution that lasts and is the most popular is the purchase of mosquito nets. This is what we offer at Ombrasole with our pergolas and our retractable fixed awnings, it is possible to have screens on all sides and on the roof then mosquitoes are no longer a concern and you can enjoy your terrace maximum.

Hope these tips will help you this year!

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