How to choose the fabric of your retractable awning

September 24, 2015
How to choose the fabric of your retractable awning

Choosing the right canvas awning can be a difficult decision. It depends on several factors: your area (wind, sunlight levels),its use, your taste and of course your budget – the denser  the fabric the more it costs.

Your awning is going to be given the duty of protecting your home and outside area from the sun. You are going to want to make sure that what you get is capable of doing its duty.The standards for determining the protective abilities of your awning’s fabric are going to come down to a few important factors.

Here’s a comparisonof an awning made with acrylic fabric like Sunbrella and Dickson versus polyester ones sold in superstores:

Acrylic fabric has a very good thermal insulation and protects against UV rays. It is resistant to wind, resists fading for at least 10 years, and repels water through a treatment that causes water to pearl on the surface.
Polyester fabric provides only average protection: it is windproof and rainproof but very sensitive to UV radiation that weakens its resistance after some time. It discolors easily; it is not advisable to choose for a long time use.

Below is a table summarizing the relative level of protection from UV, heat and lightas a function of the color of the awning’s fabric.

U.V. PROTECTIONLighter fabrics protect you better than dark fabrics.
PROTECTION Against HeatBased on the tone of the fabric, your awning will absorb 80 to 95% of the sun’s thermal energy.
PROTECTION Against LightDarker fabrics diminish light and glare more effectively.

The performance of a fabric is determined by reference to:

-Protective qualities
-Tear and fracture resistance

IPindex: this is a goodperformanceindicator. Essentially,the higher the densityof the fabric the more this indicator is important.

INDexFAbric densityPROTECTIONresistance to tearingIMPERmeabilityPERFORMANCE
IP 100300g/m2goodgoodgoodgood
IP 110300 g/m2goodgoodgoodgood
IP 120360 g/m2very goodbestbestbest

When you’re looking for an awning, you are going to want to make sure that it can do its job. That is keeping you dry, protecting you from UV rays, and reflecting light away from your space. We use these measures to determine the performance of our fabrics. Our awnings are the highest quality in the industry. Our performance standards prove it.Before buying your awning, you should take time to think about the fabric it’s made of. The best way to get informed about this is to ask the awning experts at Ombrasole.

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