3 Ways in Which Terrace Awnings Can Boost Your Restaurant Sales

3 Ways in Which Terrace Awnings Can Boost Your Restaurant Sales

We all know the food and beverage industry is highly competitive. New restaurants, cafés and eateries keep surfacing, especially during the summertime, which is why gaining a competitive edge is critical to running a successful and thriving business. So how can restaurant owners stand out from the competition and grow their revenue? The answer may be as simple as enhancing the look of their establishment and maximizing their seating space with the help of commercial awnings.

Having an outdoor terrace is undoubtedly a great investment for any restaurant business. Both multi-functional and aesthetic, terrace awnings can increase a restaurant’s sales by attracting more customers and providing a greater seating capacity.

"Having a patio significantly impacted our revenues, bringing in substantial annual sales. A terrace awning can definitely make a difference."

Costa, La Belle et La Boeuf, Anjou

Here are 3 reasons why having a commercial awning can be a great investment for your business.

1- Terrace Awnings Bring In More Customers

During the summer, locals and tourists are eager to finally spend time outdoors and flock to terraces to drink and dine. And why wouldn’t they? There's nothing more enjoyable than sipping a glass of Rosé or dining outdoors while enjoying the weather and admiring the view.

As a restaurateur, a good portion of your business will stem from customers walking by, and without an awning, your restaurant can be easily overlooked. A great way to enhance your restaurant’s appeal is to make it enticing and inviting for potential clients. What better way to showcase a restaurant’s hip ambiance and popularity than with a busy and active outdoor patio.

3 Ways in Which Terrace Awnings Can Boost Your Restaurant Sales

Having a customized restaurant awning with your logo will give you an instant advantage by making it easy for your customers to spot and choose your restaurant over local competitors. A welcoming, eye-catching and cozy atmosphere will not only attract more customers, but can also make them stay longer, order more food and drinks, thereby increasing their total spend.

Restaurant awnings not only enhance your restaurant’s appearance, but they also attract customers, as well as offer additional outdoor dining space during spring, summer and fall seasons.

2- Terrace Awnings Protect Your Customers – and Your Business – From Unfavorable Weather Conditions

What is the purpose of having a beautiful terrace if you can’t shield your customers from the blazing heat or an unexpected rainfall? Adding an awning to an outdoor seating space will greatly extend the lifespan of your outdoor dining area and protect your customers and your business from unfavorable weather conditions. Rain or shine, you want to keep your customers happy and coming back, so protecting them from the sun, wind and rain with a sun shade, a retractable awning or an outdoor retractable parasol is a must.

Without a terrace awning, rainy days can deter your outdoor seating and cut into your restaurant’s profits fairly quickly. In addition, as the weather warms up, if your outdoor space does not provide proper shading from direct sunlight, excessive heat and UV rays, your customers’ dining experience can become fairly uncomfortable, driving them away in search of a cooler, shaded outdoor space, leaving your patio empty. Terrace awnings provide shade from the blistering heat, while still making it possible to sit outside during less optimal weather conditions.

To ensure your outdoor serving areas produce revenue and keep customers satisfied, an increasing number of restaurant owners are turning to commercial fixed retractable awnings. Retractable patio awnings give you the flexibility of covering your outdoor surface or not, and keeping your patio up and running rain or shine, keeping the wetness away on rainy days and customers cool on harsh summer days.

3 Ways in Which Terrace Awnings Can Boost Your Restaurant Sales

3- Commercial Awnings Increase Your ROI And Lower Your Overall Costs

Restaurant terrace awnings will enlarge your outdoor space and add about an extra third of your restaurant’s seating capacity so you can welcome more guests. Not only will they increase profits thanks to the additional seating space, but they will also add value by providing multiple settings for customers to dine in.

Commercial awnings can also help improve a restaurant’s overall costs. First, when you invest in a commercial awning, you’ll notice a drop in your monthly energy bills. Awnings protect your space from the sun’s harmful rays, and make it much easier to maintain a cooler indoor space. Your air conditioning system won’t have to work overtime to keep customers comfortable. And by strategically placing your retractable awning, you can effectively control the amount of light coming in.

So Which Awning is Best Suited for Your Restaurant?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the best options for commercial patio covers. Whether you own a street-facing shops or a sidewalk café, there are a variety of fabrics, shapes and designs that are suited for all your needs.

If you don’t always want to fully cover your patio, retractable awnings will provide the versatility you’re looking for. A model we recommend and our most popular option for restaurants is the Capriccio terrace awning. Crafted from a high quality and sturdy aluminum structure, this motorized and elegantly designed retractable awning roof is equipped with a 100% waterproof canvas that can withstand unfavorable weather conditions while protecting your customers against and UV rays in the summer.

The Capriccio Retractable Awning is capable of mounting to any style structure and will give you the convenience of controlling your desired amount of shading using a remote control. Retract and extend your awning depending on how much sun or shade you desire; and you will have the perfect terrace awning your customers will simply love!

3 Ways in Which Terrace Awnings Can Boost Your Restaurant Sales

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