Where to find a Four Seasons Gazebo in Canada

November 26, 2014
Where to find a Four Seasons Gazebo in Canada

You know your Canadian summer only allows for a short window to get out there and enjoy your backyard. More and more Canadians are looking for options that allow them to get more use out of their outdoor space. With a little planning you can find a four seasons retractable gazebo that will allow you to enjoy your backyard all year round.

Below is a list of what to look for in a four seasons gazebo:

Retractable Gazebo

The OmbraSole retractable gazebo is new to the Canadian market. It is made with vinyl canvas, which is 100% waterproof. These sturdily designed motorized retractable four seasons gazebos will stand up to harsh Canadian winters. They are the ideal addition to install above your Jacuzzi tub or barbecue so you can use your outdoor space regardless of the weather. Even in the summer, when family and friends are annoyed by pesky mosquitoes and bees, a mosquito netting system can be added to the gazebo for a fully enclosed and protected area.

Easy to Secure

If you want to get the most out of your outdoor living space during the winter but are worried that you can’t afford an outdoor structure to protect you from the inclement weather, a four seasons gazebo offers you the perfect option. They can be used even if your home does not allow for an awning to be attached to the structure of your home.

All Weather Gutter System

Look for a four seasons gazebo that offers a gutter system that will prevent water penetration inside the retractable gazebo, new to the Canadian market, found at OmbraSole. There are many sturdy all weather options that are made of extruded aluminum and stainless steel. These materials are designed to resist the harsh weather of the Canadian climate so you can feel well protected whether it is snowing, raining or even freezing rain. You will have access to your warm and inviting hot tub no matter what Mother Nature tries to throw at you. 

Three Seasons Gazebo

You can also opt for a three seasons motorized retractable gazebo made of highly weather resistant and water repellent Sunbrella acrylic canvas. You can use this in just about any weather throughout the spring, summer and fall. You can use the remote control to roll the roof back and keep it safely tucked away throughout the harsher winter months. Say goodbye to the yearly expenses for storage.

Your four seasons gazebo is the best option if you’re looking to profit all year long from your outdoor space. It can be placed over any number of areas that you might wish to use throughout the year. Whether you are an avid griller or simply love your Jacuzzi, your gazebo provides you with much needed protection during the less forgiving winter months.

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