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Tags: wooden pergola | aluminum pergola | patio | shade | outdoor September 20, 2018

Looking to enhance your backyard space? Outdoor pergolas are a great way to define your outdoor area and add a decorative touch to your landscape while creating shade and protection from outdoor elements. Whether directly mounted on your exterior walls or as a separate freestanding structure in your backyard, pergolas will transform your patio into a beautifully shaded dining area or lounging retreat to host your family and loved ones. Among homeowners, the two most...

Summer’s just around the corner and you’ve finally set up your outdoor terrace awning and created a beautiful outdoor terrace to cater to the busy months ahead. But although the natural sunlight will illuminate your patio during the day, have you considered your lighting options when the evening sets in? Light up those beautiful summer evenings on your deck or terrace with outdoor light fixtures. They will add a touch of charm to your outdoor dining experience and create an...

Winter is almost over; Here some ideas to give a total new look to your backyard patio or terrace: Spring makes us think about summer dinner al fresco on our patios and terraces, unfortunately, once we look outside all that we can see are dry plants, wasted wood floors and what’s left of ice and snow. Suddenly, we start thinking about the amount of work we have to go through trying to refresh that cozy space where we usually enjoy spending time with friends and family. Clean the...

The first uses of the pergola reach back to the Greco-Roman antiquity. It’s an English, John Evelyn, who put the principle forward, discovering the term in 1645 during a visit to Rome in the cloister of the Trinità dei Monti. Originally, the pergola was a supported advanced on the house. The roof, consisting of widely spaced horizontal beams, welcomed plants that provided shade and coolness. Since there have been many changes, because now the pergola can be independent, an...

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