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Window awnings are a great way to dress up your home’s windows for a more dramatic, colorful or charming look. Not only do they give your home a more attractive appearance but they also provide protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays.Easily Retractable & ProtectiveWindow awnings can either be fixed for year round usage (traditional) or retractable. Both have the capabilities of protecting your curtains, furniture, flooring and carpets inside the house against...

November 4, 2014

Ever wish you were able to furnish your garden with a sheltered furniture set? Your wish has finally been granted. The first of its kind, OmbraSole’s ‘Oasis’ 2 in 1 garden furniture is exactly that. For those who aren’t able to install an awning over their outdoor seating area, this is just the thing for you. ‘Oasis’ is a sun shelter AND garden furniture, perfect for your patio or terrace, capable of protecting you from harmful UV rays while sitting and relaxing outside with...

As much as we look forward to the warm sun of summer, we still have to remember how harmful the sun’s UV rays are even with short intervals of exposure. If your backyard has exposure to the sun you should consider adding protection so family can enjoy being outside without the worry of sunburn.Here are some of the benefits of awnings, pergolas and gazebos:Relief from the Heat: Although it is nice to feel the sun on your face, on those extremely hot and humid days most of us...

Ever look at the top of your awning and see quite a bit of dirt? No need to fret. Sunbrella & Dickson Shade fabrics, made with acrylic cloth, are primarily used at OmbraSole. OmbraSole awnings and other shade structures and furniture are made with acrylic, as it is one of the best fabrics to use for easy care and cleaning. You can now keep your awnings looking great with little effort. From light cleaning to removing tough stains, there’s an easy and quick solution that can be...

Tags: auvent | auvent rétractable September 24, 2014

Summer 2014 proved to be the year of the awning with homeowners embracing their outdoor spaces and learning how to get the most out of their backyards. Awning design trends encompassed a number of key elements of style as well as a nod towards eco-friendly choices using recyclable materials. Here is a look at backyard awning design trends for 2014:Colour CoordinatedThe savy homeowner took their cues from their homes and gardens to coordinate their fixed retractable...

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